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Devon Harlos

I’m an avid linguist and reader, and love travelling and teaching Chinese culture! The language isn’t as hard as it seems! “Interests: Outdoor Activities, hiking, tennis, travelling, cooking, baking, instagram!”

Harry Pope

I have lived and worked in the UK, USA, Spain, and now I’m in a MNC in Mexico, but continue to love meeting new people! “Interests: Travelling, reading, writing, cinema, photography, Pinterest”

Beth Browse

I am a professor of Irish in Canada and love everything about Irish culture and heritage! Guitar and Irish folk player! “Interest: Beach volleyball, history, museums, reading, travelling, exploring new cultures and languages”

Niamh Burns

I’ve lived and worked in the Middle East teaching English and am now working within business in Ireland! “Interest: Meditation, charity work, novels, walks on the beach”

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